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Hiking and Mountaineering

Wafts of fog drift across the meadows and forests. Fresh dew glitters in the morning light. A gentle breeze blows through the impressive mountains of Fusch.
Set off and explore the area during your hiking holiday in Fusch on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.
Your hiking holiday at the Hotel Wasserfall awaits you with a variety of walks, hiking tours, high-altitude hiking trails and summit stages, as well as the unique and beautiful Hohe Tauern National Park.

Examples of walks:

  • Hirzbach waterfalls
  • Römer-Weg
  • Brandstein and Honalalm
  • Fuscher Höhenweg
  • Panoramic trail
  • Bad Fuscher Strasse – Reit Embach

Examples hikes:

  • Sulzbachtal – Kammerer Grundalm
  • Sulzbach Grundalm
  • Bad Fusch, Weichselbachtal – Walchen Grundalm
  • Wölflerweg – Ferleiten
  • Ferleiten – Käfertal
  • Trauneralm
  • Schmalzguben Grundalm

Examples mountain tours:

  • Guteben
  • Sulzbachtal – Kreuzköpfl
  • Bad Fusch – Kreuzköpfl
  • Embach Hochalm
  • Schwarzkopf
  • Schwarzenberg Hütte
  • Walcher Hochalm
  • Schmalzgruben Hochalm
  • Gleiwitzerhütte
  • Imbachhorn

Examples of high mountain tours (we definitely recommend consulting a mountain guide):

  • Brennkogel
  • Kloben
  • Fuscherkarkopf
  • Sonnwelleck
  • Hohe Dock
  • Großes Wiesbachhorn
  • Hoher Tenn
  • Grossglockner